Summer Fun

Last summer, in my usual fashion, I had printed out a calendar for each month, June, July and August.  Then I poured over every summer camp brochure I could lay my hot little hands on.  Children’s Museum, local private schools, Rec Center, Churches, etc., etc.  Then I carefully planned to make sure that every week had a camp or activity, none overlapped and all were age appropriate.  Yesterday, I sat down to do the same thing for this summer.  And had a catharsis (probably instigated by this article about how stressed kids are today).  This is rediculous!  In summer the “livin’ is easy,” right?  I need to try, at least try, to plan experiences that we can enjoy as a family.  The girls need some fun experiences together and with me and even daddy on occasion.

So what is my first step?  Poll Facebook friends of course.  I got some really cool feedback and found some bloggy mommies who had the same idea:

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Crystal & Co. – Fun Summer Activities

One friend shared that the ladies in their neighborhood teamed up and did a VBS with each mom taking the lead for a day.  Everymom got a little break and payment was just having to plan one day of activities for the littles.  The plan for each day was based on the mom’s strengths. Good idea!

Another friend, who is a teacher, said “I usually start by making a list of all the things in town, museums, zoo, parks, etc that I want to visit, and then kind of plug them in the calendar around vacations, etc. watch the local paper for summer events, etc.”

Another mom did point out that one or two small camps might not be the worst idea, “so that they all get a break from each other (too much togetherness), but then the rest of the weeks have lots of family fun. Just something to consider!”

So here are some starting points.  I will still probably do the printed out calendar and plan with my usual military precision, but hey, if it calms me and makes me feel in control, then go with it.

I mean, I’m not a control freak.  What could possibly go wrong??

Other resources, for your consideration (I haven’t culled through these fully, just a quick google search)

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So much out there!


Well, hey there!

So I’ve decided to start a blog.  Because I NEED to add something to my to do list.  And please don’t tell my husband because he might murder me if he realizes that I’ve added another project to my already way overloaded plate.  But I think I need this.  To contain all of my crazy ideas and give me an outlet to share the fun things I find and do. 

I’m a stay at home mom who never stays home, with two bright and energetic girls.  One is a sweet and sensitive lady and the other is pure diva.  Their antics and activities have us going all day long.  I tend to overload myself with stuff to do.  I’m a die-hard DIYer.  I never can understand paying for something that I can do myself.  This often leads to lots of half finished projects and an occasional really cool completed one. 

So.  About me and what you will find on this scatterbrained blog:

I love all things Disney and I plan everything, including Disney trips, with military precision.  So expect lots of information on planning Disney trips. 

I love photography but don’t spend nearly enough time taking pictures, so I hope to do more here. 

I love crafting, although it is sort of a deep dark secret.  I’m a closeted crafter.  I don’t scrap.  But I want to have scrapbooks.  I do make fun decorative door wreaths which is my current fave.  I’ve even sold a few to friends.

I wish I could successfully homeschool my children, but I don’t have the patience for it.  And I really fear that I would do my kids an injustice becuase I am ill equipped to teach.  And I do like them getting the social interaction and real-world learning by going out into the world each day.  But this summer I plan on “home summer camp.”  Is that a thing?  Now it is!

I’m a runner and a yogi.  I looove working out and have tried it all.  Triathlons, marathons, P90X, Insanity, Barre work outs, etc.  Of course, I mostly work out so I can eat.  Because I fancy myself a foodie.

I’m from Louisiana and now live in Texas.  I’m VERY southern. So I’m full of “y’alls” and gravy and crawfish.  I love to eat and drink wine.  And secretly wish I could grow grapes in Napa.  Once upon a time I was a lawyer.  I am SO glad I’m not anymore. That’s a whole post of its own.  My husband is a lovely man who more frequently than not bears the brunt of my ire because I’m impatient and demanding.  Which I got from being a lawyer.  I love to be busy, learn, and create.  I want my children to love to be busy, learn, and create.  I want them to be happy and fulfilled.  Just like I am.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to contain me and my nutty ideas.

Here we go, y’all!